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10 Tips for a Lasting Career and Business

Let me share my story in this group. I think a lot of us will agree that the formula to opportunities are a mixture of different aspects that I will discuss below.

There’s no secret ingredient for it. All of it is around us, and it is for us to use, maximize, and be aware of.

Just take this as simple as it is.... "A career or business is like a love story, a full-pledged relationship... A mutual understanding". It's Valentines in a few days anyway! hehe. 

I am an IT Manager and professional for more than 15 years, and I've handled a lot of projects and have met a number of people, here and abroad, along the way. There are successes and failures, ups and downs, good and bad times. But never fret, all of them are lessons that you need to digest; it will definitely be your diet for a happy and successful life.

For me, (disclaimer, just for me hehe) the following aspects help a lot in maintaining a good and lasting career and business.

1. Form Good and Lasting Relationships

A good network of people helps you bridge the gap. Always smile and value acquaintances. You never know if that person will be your key to success.

More so, a "friend" will always forgive your shortcomings and will understand your mistakes... so if you have no good relationship with your client, the more that they will walk away and magnify your mistakes.

2. Value Transparency and Trust

To form good relationships, you must value your client’s trust. As they say, trust is something you must earn. It is never given nor demanded. It takes great character to build a life from trust... are you like that?

3. Provide High Quality Products and Services

Patience is a virtue but not all clients have an ocean of patience. Always make sure that your products and services are of high quality and delivered on a timely manner.

Know this, you are only good as your last performance. All people have short term memories :)

4. Master the Art of Patience

Success doesn’t happen overtime. You need to work hard for it. Enough said.

5. Gather your Support System

Be with people who understands and will support you in your endeavors. People that will understand why you are stressed or why you are in a hurry :)

6. Be a Student all the time

As they say, the world is a battleground. All around you evolves, and so you must. Learn the new technology, trend, or process. Invest on learning new stuff and not just bum around.

7. Invest on Technology

In this fast changing world, we need decent equipment to do our job. These equipment are not accessories, hence, they are necessities in this time and era.

8. Give Importance to Time

Time is a valuable resource, so never waste it. More so, never waste your client’s time. It is also their prime commodity. Always be prompt in your scheduled meeting and never cancel it. Plan your drive or commute so that you know what time you’ll arrive in a destination.

9. Learn from Mistakes and Rejections – Practice Self-Worth

This is cliche already, we all learn from our mistakes. But Rejection is a different thing. Sometimes we question ourselves why we are not good enough or why someone is better.

Never be depressed from things that never fit our own identity. We need to value ourselves. We are unique and we are good. We only need to find that space that we can fill in correctly.

10. Always keep your Faith and feel lucky

No matter what religion, faith in the Almighty is very important. Say a little prayer every now and then.

Being positive helps a lot. Staying that way may attract the lucky hen. 

I know there's a lot more, but as much as possible, change and strategies should come from your selves. Because in the end of the day, it is you and you alone, that will make the difference.

Here at Virtual Professionals, we cascade this mindset to all our staff. In this way, we can assure our clients that they will be taken care of.

If you need a team like us, send us a message!

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