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Lessons from losing a Job

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

It is always hard to lose anything of your own possession. The longer it belonged to you the harder to let go. What more if it is your career? A thing that provides your needs and pays the bills?

Losing a job has it's pros and cons. We should never dwell on the negatives... I assure you, there are tiny gold pieces you can pick up along the track. For me, the most important piece or pieces I got from that experience are lessons I will cherish for the rest of my life.

"As they say, nothing is perfect. Along the way, we will commit mistakes. Accept defeat... Welcome change..."

To cut the story short, please find below the lessons I've learned and how it molded me to a better person I am right now. Yes, correct, a better person that molted from an experience. I hope this will help you all as well, if you are in the same situation or you've been in the same shoes before.

1. Learn to let go

There's a reason why things will be taken away from you. Just let go. Do not hold on. The more you hold on and the more you take grudges, the harder will be your adjustment. You'll be depressed for sure. Just follow the 5 stages of grief, but don't stay on one stage for too long. There's always a new job, a new hobby, or a new sport. Don't be afraid to try new stuff.

2. Keep your guard. It's hard to trust anyone

People come and go. Your staff or boss won't care about your life. Keep something for yourself, never be "too" close to anyone. Just trust yourself and your family more than others.

3. Change your bad habits or the feeling of comfort zones

You're too familiar with your work that you'll not worry about what's to come. You have this feeling that you'll make it through. But in reality, you halted yourself to adjust or even prepare yourself for changes. So when change came, you were caught by surprise.

4. Value Information

Always be in the know-how. You, being a manager or director, doesn't give you license to just sit around. Stand, study, and upgrade yourself. Never lose your worth.

6. Participate, avoid TOTAL delegation

If you have authority or position, tendency is (but not applicable to all) that we will delegate most of our tasks to our reports. But, i realized, because of that, I lost being the subject expert. I relied mostly on other's inputs, which is and was very risky. As much as possible, be there, know what's happening, and PARTICIPATE in the project or job execution. 

7. Do not Micromanage and avoid "Under Management"

Too much of everything is bad. So, do not micro-manage at the same time do not be invisible. Respect is gained when they see you working as well.

8. Accept Mistakes and Work from there

Don't be afraid to commit mistakes. Most of the time, mistakes blossom into opportunities. These opportunities will provide you avenues for growth and betterment.

9. Hire the best talents. Those with skill and the right attitude for the job. Hire your loyal generals not your potential enemies.

Well that's all for now. I'll add more in the future. If you need a job, please visit our Careers page.

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